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The Dub Hut Camper Van Rental

Here at The Dub Hut – Kent’s One Stop Van Conversion Centre, we work alongside a number of Camper Hire Companies to ensure you have a lovely memorable trip away –  whether you plan to travel around the U.K or venture into Europe, our partners have beautiful van’s and are all ready fully fitted to start your adventures.

All of the Companies we work with have full insurance and have beautiful van’s available for hire/rental throughout the whole year.

Have a look below – see what van you like and give them a call quoting “The Dub Hut” for some great rates.





Van Rental - The Dub Hut 2020
Van Rental - The Dub Hut 2020
Van Rental - The Dub Hut 2020
Striking Cream R&R Bed - The Dub Hut 2019
Partnership with GW VW Rental - The Dub Hut 2020
Seating van rental - The Dub Hut 2020
schedule of rate - the dub hut 2020