R&R Bed for sale in Kent, Fabworx fitters upholstery works - the dub hut 2022

Rock and Roll Beds for Campervans

Looking for a campervan with comfortable Rock and Roll beds? 

The Dub Hut can supply, manufacture and fit all R&R bed designs. 

In Partnership with Fabworx UK

We offer frames directly sourced from Fabworx UK to guarantee the utmost quality and durability- including a lifetime guarantee. 

All R&R bed upholstery work is expertly executed right here at The Dub Hut.

Tailored R&R Bed Designs

Our range of Fabworx frames includes various sizes, from tailor-made beds designed to fit your specific seating and bedding needs to standard sizes like 3/4, 120, 130, and full width.

When it comes to upholstery, our in-house team employs high-quality Valencia marine-grade leatherette, boasting a diverse palette of vibrant colours for you to choose from. This ensures your campervan’s interior is both stylish and functional.

In-house Rock and Roll Campervan Upholstery

The best part? Our in-house approach to seating upholstery allows for a more personalised touch. Whether you prefer standard logos or wish to craft a custom design, we’re here to accommodate your vision.

For more information and personalised solutions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us. Your campervan’s comfort and style are our top priorities, and we’re excited to bring your dream interior to life.  Contact Us for a copy of our online brochure.

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VW R&R Beds in Kent the dub hut 2021

Bespoke Upholstery

Our in-house upholsters are master crafts-people. They boast an extensive experience in auto upholstery and sewing. Whatever you dream of we, can bring to life with bespoke seating in any shape or colour. 

We exclusively use marine-graded leatherette, offering a wide array of colour options to perfectly complement your interior design.

What Sets Our R&R Beds Apart?

What sets our rock and roll beds apart is the use of 90mm foam, as opposed to the standard 70mm.

This ensures that your seating retains its shape and comfort throughout countless adventures to come.

If your current R&R Bed is showing signs of wear or you’re considering a colour change for your existing seating, we also specialise in re-upholstering your existing seating and frames.

If you’re in the area, we invite you to visit us in person and witness our skilled team in action, creating exceptional camper seating that’s sure to impress.

R&R Bed for sale in Kent - VW T6 campervan for sale - the Dub hut 2022
Fabworx R&R Bed on rail system 130 bed - the dub hut 2022
We can offer 3/4, 120, 130 or full width R&R beds on rails
R&R Bed in Renault Traffic SWB the dub hut 2022
Wow what a great colour choice for this full width R&R bed
3/4 Fabworx R&R Bed - for sale in Kent - The Dub Hut 2022
3/4 R&R Bed with added piping to enhance the thread and logo colour
T2 conversion works - Rusty Lee r&R Bed upholstery works in Kent - The Dub Hut 2022

T2 and T25 Original Seating

The Dub Hut also offer T2 and T25 original seating in either full width or 3/4 beds.  We only use the high quality approved Rusty Lee frames for all of these vehicles, so you are guaranteed to have a strong well built frame in your T2.

The Dub Hut undertake all of the upholstery works to suit your beautiful vehicles.

Why not give your T2 interior a little LTC?


T25 Kent upholstered 3/4 seating - The Dub Hut 2022
L shaped rear conversion T5.1 LWB orange Gti fabric, westdubs pop top - the dub hut 2021

U and L Shaped Campervan Seating

We also offer upholstery works for all of your U and L shaped seating.

Again using only the highest grade leatherette or fabric to suit, we can undertake all bespoke upholstery works in-house.

U shaped seating vw conversion works in kent - the dub hut 2022
U shaped seating the dub hut 2022
U Shaped Seating for our customer - aka the party bus
Dub Hut U Shaped Seating with upholstery 2022
What lovely colour choices for this U shaped seating - all upholstered in house using high grade leatherette
rib R&R bed fitters in kent - the dub hut 2023

Campervan Seating UK

We work closely with Campervan Seating UK for all RIB Beds, and can supply and fit all of their bedding systems from the standard fixed to the lovely glide motion system.

RIB Beds are renowned for their versatility and quality. These beds are designed to maximise space efficiency in campervan’s, serving as comfortable seating during the day and converting effortlessly into spacious beds at night.

They prioritise safety with built-in seat belts and offer customisation options for upholstery and storage. RIB Beds are a top choice for campervan enthusiasts, providing comfort, functionality, and enhanced resale value for your mobile adventures.

RIB 60 FITTERS IN KENT - RIB R&R Beds - the dub hut 2023