Bespoke Campervan Seats

At The Dub Hut, we specialise in bespoke campervan seats and auto upholstery services. We provide a huge range of choice for all clients. 

Whether you’re looking to match your front seats with your R&R Bed or want to start again with a fresh design, we’ve got you covered.

Just like our R&R Beds, The Dub Hut only uses high-grade Valencia leatherette to ensure your front seating looks and feels fantastic.

Kombi Upholstery

Additionally, we offer comprehensive Kombi upholstery services to meet all your ideas. With each seat tailored to your unique specifications, we can add that special touch to make your vision a reality.

VW Seat Design

Contact Us  to discuss your design ideas and bring a personalised touch to your campervan’s interior.

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upholstered 2 x vw T6 captain seats with VW logos Chestnut leatherette - The Dub Hut 2022
Auto upholstery in Kent - The Dub Hut 2023
bespoke campervan seats VW T5.1 captain seats VW logo, Transporter, Kent - The Dub Hut 2022

Whether you own a T2, VW, Nissan, Ford, Vauxhall, or Mercedes campervan, The Dub Hut can handle all of your bespoke campervan seat and  upholstery needs. 

We take pride in adding that extra touch of uniqueness to your campervan interior. Our services include customisation options like bespoke logos, upholstering buddy seating, and toilet pods. 

The Dub Hut offers a variety of design choices, from single or double Bentley stitching to Gti fabric and coloured vertical or horizontal lines. 

With our expertise, your campervan seating will be exactly as you envisioned. Enhance your campervan’s comfort and style with The Dub Hut’s upholstery services. 

Contact us for a copy of our on-line brochure.

T2 front seats upholstered VW beds and seats for sale in kent - the dub hut 2022
buddy seat for T5.1 upholstery works - the dub hut 2021
Front Seating upholstery works in Kent - for sale VW, Ford, Renault, Vauxhall - The Dub Hut 2022
Ford Transit upholstery in Kent - autoupholstery - the dub hut 2023