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As the month of love is upon us, we hope you have nice gifts for your loved ones or a little camping trip planned in your campers.  With so many pubs now offering free camping in their car parks in return for joining them for a meal or a few drinks, it is so easy to get away during the colder months.

Staying Safe On Your Travels

We continue to undertake all vehicle conversion works, including full conversions, pop top’s, window installations, kitchens, R&R Beds and of course the full electrical installations.

Camper Kitchen Fittings

Our sister company – Dub Hut Camper Kitchens is busy creating specialised items for your campers, this month our design team have created a bike conversion in modular pieces so you can pick as much or as little as you want. Check out their facebook or instagram pages for more information on this new product.

We have seen a big rise in pop top enquiries and bookings during January, so this months Dub Hut blog is aimed at those interested in pop tops for all vehicles.  We also have an on-line pop top brochure, so if you would like more information on this, please contact us for a copy of our brochure, or alternatively, if you are local to us you are always more than welcome to pop down to meet the team and take a look at pop tops in various conversion stages and of course have a cup of our hot chocolate!

Kombi Conversions

Another popular interest at the moment is the Kombi conversions, so many of our customers have sold their everyday cars and are now using their van’s and creating Kombi conversions to suit.  We have also been adding bespoke sleeping set ups to accommodate their seating, so car and camper in one.

With the completion of our 2024 show vehicle, we are now looking at the popular VW shows throughout the South East to showcase our works and what we can offer to our customers and obviously to join you all to party the nights away.

Additionally, we’ve recently finalised an extensive works vehicle conversion for the London Citizen Advice Bureau. This conversion equips their advisors to navigate the community, providing invaluable advice and guidance through their professional services.

The Photo Wall

We are continuing to receive photos for inclusion of our photo wall, showcasing adventures and camper memories.  If you have a fantastic camper photo, whether whilst traveling the U.K. or Europe, send it our way, and we’ll gladly feature you on our photo wall.

A few years ago now we undertook conversion works for a family planning on travelling the world in their camper, we frequently receive photos from them and their adventures as they continue to navigate through the Countries.  Their last check in was whilst they were in the Brazilian Rain Forest !!! – what an amazing adventure…

Upholstery Corner

Debbie our upholsterer has been busy creating some amazing designs for our R&R Beds, U / L shaped seating configurations, we work direct with Fabworx who offer M1 tested R&R Bedding systems with a lifetime guarantee on their frames.

Debbie has also been busy re-upholstering customers existing R&R Beds, so if you fancy a change of colour or the material is now looking tired, give us a call and we can offer pricing for you.  With all of our upholstery works, we only use high grade marine Valencia leatherette which is strong and hard wearing, or fabric/OEM material from our regular suppliers.

Here at The Dub Hut, we have online brochures for all vehicles for all works, offering full pricing and ideas and suggestions for any vehicle including VW, Ford, Renault, Vauxhall, get in touch if you would like a copy and we can email you one straight over.

The Facebook Group

For those ladies who like to camp, a private facebook group has been created, covering Kent and the South East of England –  (Kent and South East Camping Queens) – join the group for your experiences, ideas, suggestions and maybe arrange a few camper meet when the weather warms up.

So for now, we wish you all a happy month of love and hope plans are being put in place for your forthcoming camper adventures.

Take care and hope to see you soon.

 The Dub Hut Team

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The Dub Hut February Blog

Pop Top's

What are the benefits of having a pop top installed to your camper?

Rising Above: The Advantages of Fitting a Pop Top to Your Camper

Adding a pop top to your camper is a decision that goes beyond aesthetics, offering a multitude of advantages that elevate your camping experience. Here’s a closer look at the benefits of having a pop top fitted to your camper:

1. Expanded Headroom:

  • The primary advantage of a pop top is the additional headroom it provides when elevated. This extra head space not only enhances comfort but also allows campers to stand and move freely within the living area, making daily activities more enjoyable.

2. Versatile Interior Layouts:

  • Whether you prioritise a spacious sleeping area, a functional kitchen, or a comfortable lounge, the versatility of pop tops allows you to tailor the camper’s interior to you and your families specific needs.

3. Compact Travel, Expansive Living:

  • The ability of the pop top to lower during travel ensures a more streamlined and aerodynamic camper profile. This not only enhances fuel efficiency but also makes the camper easier to move as opposed to having a solid fixed hardtop, providing a seamless transition from the road to your camping destination.

4. Improved Ventilation:

  • Pop tops typically incorporate large front window and ventilation / fly protection panels. When elevated, these features enhance airflow within the camper, creating a well-ventilated and comfortable living space. 

5. 360-Degree Views:

  • Elevating the pop top transforms your camper into an observation deck. Enjoy panoramic views of your surroundings, whether it’s a majestic mountain range or by a lake. The 360-degree view enhances your connection with nature and adds a unique dimension to your camping experience.

6. Stealth Camping Advantage:

  • Stealth camping is becoming increasingly popular, so with the pop top looking like part of your vehicle, just leave the pop top in the closed position and no-one would know you are stealth camping.  With the smaller campers, the height increase is minimal and thefore easily accessible into many car parts, so the options for a sneaky night aware are endless. 

7. Energy Efficiency:

  • The additional headroom allows for better heat distribution, contributing to improved temperature regulation inside your camper. This can lead to a more energy-efficient setup, reducing the need for extensive use of climate control systems, and fans in the hot weather.

9. Enhanced Resale Value:

  • Campers with pop tops often command higher resale values. The added features, improved functionality, and overall appeal make pop top campers attractive to future buyers, making it a sound investment in the long run.

In conclusion, fitting a pop top to your camper is a personal decision offering a wide range of benefits of expanded living space, improved ventilation, and a versatile design that adapts to your camping lifestyle. With a pop top, your camper journey reaches new heights of comfort and convenience.