The Dub Hut are pleased to announce that we are authorised to carry out Habitation Inspections and issue Habitation Certificates on vans, motorhomes and Caravans.

How does Habitation Inspection work?

Habitation Certification looks at areas such as safety of the vehicle and ensuring the safety of people within the vehicle.


As with vehicle servicing, regular Habitation Inspection history can enhance the value and sale potential of your van.

Habitation Certification may also be required by DVLA for re-classification purposes and by Insurance Companies to ensure the electrical and gas works have been undertaken and fitted correctly.

Qualified Engineers

All Habitation Inspections are carried out by a highly qualified Engineer. A thorough inspection of the habitation area is conducted and follows a set procedure. These standards include fire risk, ventilation, gas safety as well as looking at areas such as damp, water systems, electrical systems plus much more.

Workshop Support

We can offer these services at our workshop (while you wait) or we can now come to your home or place of work to undertake these inspections.

For further details or to book your van for inspection then please Contact Us

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